Board Recruitment, Retention and Orientation

Find & Keep Great Board Members

Identifying and engaging board members that are a strong match for your organization's needs is a continuous process and not at all like engaging any other type of volunteer. Recruitment is only the first step and must be followed by solid orientation in order to retain those board members for the long term.


Questions to Ask Yourself Before Joining A Board

This is a checklist of some of the questions you can ask yourself and the prospective organization to guide you as you assess whether a particular board role is right for you.

Board Member Recruitment

This handout outlines a sample board recruitment process that you can adapt for your needs.

Evaluating Your Board Recruitment Cycle

Use this tool with the Board Building Cycle document included above to have your board self-evaluate their recruitment activities.

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Board Recruitment Cycle

In this document, Lee Bruder reviews the Board Recruitment Cycle and identifies other resources that you can use to advance your implementation of the cycle

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Board Recruitment Packet - What should be in it?

This document outlines some basic items to have in a packet that you share with potential new board members.

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Questions for Recruiting the Right Board Members

Utilize this cheat sheet of pertinent questions to ask when talking with potential board members.

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Board Member Referral Sheet

Make it easy for your board members to suggest new board members with this simple form.

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Board Member Profile Worksheet

Use this grid to give you a visual picture of the current composition of your board, and identify the skill sets you already have prior to beginning your recruitment

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How Can I Find Good Board Members

This handout provides some ideas for developing your board recruitment program.

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Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form

Use this form yearly to remind board and staff to disclose any possible conflicts of interest.

Board Orientation Plan

Develop your own written strategy for what information will be delivered to new board members, using what method and who will be responsible.

Board Member Agreement Template

Outline the responsibilities of new board members and what they can expect from the organization. 

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Conflict of Interest Sample Policy

This sample conflict of interest policy can be adapted to create your own.

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Board Member Expectations Agreement Form

Board Member expectations should be reviewed at orientation by having a clear list.

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Exit Questions for Outgoing Board Members

The opportunity to learn and improve is just as present when interviewing an outgoing board member as it is for an employee, with an additional added benefit – the chance to keep this individual connected to the organization as a supporter and donor.

Board Term-Limit Worksheet

Track the important dates of your board members' terms with this worksheet.

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Board Support Chart - Individual Self-Assessment

Shared by the Friendship Centers of Sarasota Florida, this chart gives board members an opportunity to look back at how they have supported (or not) your organization over the past year.

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Recognizing Board Engagement

Often the greatest motivator of future accomplishments is recognition of recent ones. You can use this knowledge as a behavioral tool to increase engagement from your volunteer board members.

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